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Organizing Resume

Experienced field organizer and manager with extensive experience in the marriage equality movement and 10 years experience in leadership and managing a small business.


Trained by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.


REGIONAL FIELD DIRECTOR (RFD), Freedom Indiana; Indianapolis, Bloomington, Evansville, Indiana

Freedom Indiana was the campaign to defeat House Joint Resolution 6 which if passed would amend the Indiana State Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

  • Oversaw the quantity program of central and southern Indiana which was responsible for building large volunteer teams and generating letters and calls to key legislators.
  • Supervised six organizers spread across three different offices


REGIONAL FIELD DIRECTOR (RFD), New Jersey United for Marriage (NJUM), South Jersey

Hired as a field manager and quickly promoted to RFD

  • Directed the NJUM’s In District Organizing program in the critical region of South Jersey for their legislative campaign to override the Governor’s veto on marriage for same sex couples. South Jersey had two of the four highest priority districts and is socially conservative turf.
  • Directed a program to generate conversations between key legislators and influential individuals, including local, state, and federal elected officials, business leaders, friends and family of the legislator and religious leaders.
  • Mobilized voters to reach out to their representatives resulting in over 1,029 contacts to legislators over the course of the ten week campaign.
  • Had the first republican legislator to publicly switch their vote from a previous “no” to a “yes” vote.
  • Trained supporters, including clergy, people of faith, and LGBT families, to share their stories with their legislators through constituent meetings, letters and calls.
  • Set goals and created individual plans for three field organizers all working in remote spaces spread across the region to ensure their success
  • Trained and managed three in-district organizers in three separate remote offices
  • Developed and lead trainings for the rest of the field staff and supported fellow leaders on the campaign.


CANVASS DIRECTOR, Oregon United for Marriage, Portland, Oregon

  • Created a dynamic and exciting work environment for canvass staff of fifteen for the purpose of fundraising and collecting signatures to put marriage equality on the ballot for 2014.
  • Built and directed a door to door program to raise funds for the campaign, ID voters, and gather signatures.
  • Built and trained a team of 15 canvassers to successfully fundraise and motivate voters to take action
  • The program achieved it’s 6 month goals in the first two months under my leadership by raising $77,393.48 by August 15, 2013 with a launch date of June 15, 2013.
  • Coordinated with over a dozen other political canvass programs in the greater Portland area for turf
  • Supported team leads in overseeing their crews and teaching them necessary leadership and development tools to ensure the success of the canvass program.


ASSISTANT CANVASS DIRECTOR, Rhode Islanders United for Marriage Providence, Rhode Island

Assisted in management of a combined door and phone canvass program to influence RI State Legislators to vote in support of marriage for gay and lesbian couples. The program generated 15,612 conversations resulting in 13,935 constituent contacts to 29 different legislators ultimately persuading 19 legislators to support marriage.


  • Developed and implemented a leadership development and training program
  • Created a Campaign wide course to create learning opportunities and promote different departments coming together
  • Designed and implemented trainings for canvass team
  • Generated and prepared walk lists on a daily basis
  • Tracked and reported progress on assigned districts on a daily and weekly basis
  • Assisted the Canvass Director with the development and implementation of strategy in order to reach the campaign goals
  • Organized social opportunities for staff in order to create a unified staff and dynamic work environment


LEAD FIELD ORGANIZER ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY, Mainer’s United for Marriage, Lewiston, ME

Maine was one of the nation’s first successful ballot initiatives that employed a robust long form voter persuasion program that resulted in one on one conversations with more than 20% of the states population.

  • Position involved recruiting, training and motivating large teams of volunteers to work on activities designed to win public support for and turn out marriage equality supporters to vote. Including campus organizing, canvassing, phone banks, and one on one conversations about the importance of marriage for all families.
  • Supervised two organizers and three interns
  • Implemented recruiting strategies that doubled our volunteer base within a two week period
  • Tripled volunteer leadership (coaches, trainers, action leads)
  • Supported campus organizer in recruitment, running weekly actions, and planning an early vote day



  • Directed Portland’s street volunteer recruitment program which contributed to building a team of more than 800 volunteers who filled 4,222 volunteer shifts and raised $22,820 in the last month of the campaign.
  • Grew program from 4 actions a week to 12 actions a week in the first two weeks of being in the role.


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