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Hello there!

I'm a transman (meaning I was born female bodied but am a man) and I am working to raise the funds necessary for me to have reconstructive chest surgery.  My chest is a point of constant fear and anxiety. Because I am large chested I often do not "pass" well enough to safely use the men's room and due to my facial hair and other masculine traits that I carry, people often feel uncomfortable when I am in women's locker rooms or bathrooms. For the safety and comfort of myself and those around me I feel that it is absolutely necessary for me to proceed with reconstructive chest or "top surgery."

The catch is that health insurance does not cover surgeries like this for people that are transgender, such as myself, and they come with a hefty price tag. I'm going to Dr. Garramone and the estimated cost is $7,300 that I must come up with on my own. I am also a full time student and during this spring 2015 semester I am taking 5 classes, doing work study, and working an additional part time job on top of that. I need to raise these funds by April 12, 2015 in order to proceed with my surgery on May 12th. To contribute to my surgery fund please visit my GoFundMe page or purchase prints in my store. All money coming in from my photo business is going directly to my surgery fund.

Every little bit helps, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity,